Kaliakra – Bolata Beach

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Bolata beach is a small bay with a sand strip and a pier for fishermen boats. There are high rocky formations on both sides of the strip, where a number of caves are situated.

The beach strip is small, but favoured by many residents of Varna during week-ends. It is often overcrowded. There are paid parasols and little space left to put your own parasol.

The seawater is frequently still due to the artificial wave-breakers that keep the beach from turbulent water.

The place is the only natural reserve in Bulgaria that also includes aquatory. Some rare species can be observed there like earthborn fisherman bird, water bull, herons, grebe birds and potapniks. Across the Bola beach passes one of the major bird migration routes – Via Pontika.

In the caves around the place, artifacts have been discovered from ancient settlement as well as traces of life dating back to 400 B.C. as well as a Maltese Cross – evidence for the trade that was conducted by the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with Venice and Genoa.

Aerial photos and not only

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