Rusalka Beach

An amazing place!

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This is another amazing place in Bulgaria. Very beautiful place where the spirit of wilderness meets peacefulness and luxury of modern hotel amenities.

This is closed complex. You can get access for your car after paying a daily fee of BGN 6. There are two beaches in the complex. One of them features lifeguards and has parasols and chaise lounges. To get there you need as a pass a bracelet that is given at the reception of the hotel.

The other beach is not life-guarded and free to go by all who have paid the pass fee for the whole complex.

The place is really wild. The bay is small and morphs into the open sea. There are often severe sea currents and going to the sea is dangerous but the view is unbelievable. The birds you can see around seem to additionally adorn this fairytale place.

Aerial photos and not only

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